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Cargo Place

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Cargo Place aims to connect shippers and carriers to consolidate cargo in the same transport in an agile and intelligent way in order to increase efficiency and lower shipping costs.


The level of occupancy in parcels of trucks that drive across Brazil is low, and our goal is to improve this number over the years.

We work to create synergies between companies in the same region and connect them to carriers that are close to the shipping point.

Cargo Place is an online platform for intelligent cargo consolidation that connects companies in the same region with cargo with similar characteristics, so that they can better optimize the space in the same truck, allowing for gains in freight costs.


The solution has a robust system so that all carriers that are or will be passing through the shipping area and have available space on the truck can be connected and quote the best freight for the loads made available by the shippers.

In an agile way, Cargo Place enables shippers to connect to a greater number of carriers who, in turn, will be able to access a greater number of shippers, providing a win-win situation for everyone.

How Cargo Place can help you improve your bottom line.

On the one hand, there are buyers interested in their products, but at various times there are difficulties in finding suitable transportation, which ends up making the sale unfeasible.

On the other side, you have no idea that there is another company with products compatible with yours that is also looking for transportation to the same destination.

Cargo Place integrates companies from the same region and enables cargo consolidation.

Using the same concept as taxi and car-sharing apps, Cargo Place allows the shipper to access trucks that are in the same region as the shipment or on their way there.

The system filters out the best vehicles for the type and size of your cargo, collects the freight from the carriers and puts it together in a consolidated form for easy decision-making.

Every consolidation process is done in such a way that one shipper does not have access to the other shipper’s information.

All freight information in one place

The loading, travel and delivery process can be followed online via the platform. During the journey, the truck’s location is constantly updated so you can see where your cargo is. This allows you to provide your customer with more precise information about the delivery forecast.


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